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Recycling Drives

Our quarterly recycling drives were kicked off in September 2021 at our first Big Green Day.


Below you will find information about our past collections. 

IMG_8131 2.jpeg

Recycled Art from the inaugural Big Green Day 2021

Current Drive

Around one billion umbrellas are discarded every year! So, for the first quarter of 2023 we will be collecting broken umbrellas. There are several companies in the UK who turn both the fabric and metal from old brollies into new items. For example, Anti based in Kent, upcycle the metal frames of umbrellas to create light fixtures and Mice & Meys in Glasgow make tote bags and pouches from the waterproof fabric.

Bring your no longer useful umbrellas to church before the end of March 2023 and leave them in the green box outside the parish office.

IMG_9189 2.JPG

4th Quarter 2021

Printer Cartridges

We collected 134 cartridges and received over £130 by recycling them with  That money was donated to eco causes. 


1st Quarter 2022

Bras & Corks

We collected over 2kg of corks and 68 bras. The corks were given to Recorked and the bras sent to Against Breast Cancer charity. 

IMG_3229 2.jpg

2nd & 3rd Quarter 2022

Laptops & Mobile Phones

We teamed up with Community TechAid to collect unwanted laptops and mobile phones, as well as charging cables, computer power adapters, mice, keyboards, etc.


4th Quarter 2022


 In total we collected 51 pairs of trainers which have been donated to ReSole, a social enterprise based in Brixton that distributes them to people in need all over the country.

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