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Children at St. Paul's

St Paul’s welcomes children to all services

‘Aiming to have a good time and discover about God and the Bible’,

the Sunday School meets most Sundays during the school term. The group activity is held in the community hall at 10am for a duration of 45 minutes and the children join the main congregation before Communion.

A rota of dedicated teachers headed up by Rod Clark run the vibrant Sunday School. The numbers of participants is variable with ages ranging from 3-10. The children always enjoy the Bible stories and have interesting comments to offer. They love making things and produce some wonderful work, which is taken home or displayed in the church. At the end of the church service the children present their morning to the congregation showing excellent understanding of the key messages.

Some children prefer to stay in church for the service and we encourage this especially as the children get older and begin to take part in reading lessons and serving at the altar.

Our Crèche

There is a crèche area at the back of church with books and quiet toys where young children and their parents are most welcome to sit. There is a speaker in the crèche, so the adults can still listen to the service.

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