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Spiritual Input & Resources

Everyone has a particular spiritual make up. We all need to find the appropriate resources to speak to what works for us in the field of prayer, contemplation and spiritual comfort.


This page of our website is dedicated to a variety of articles, collections and directives which certainly will not be of use to everyone but could well turn out to be of great help to someone.

We will be sharing some of the choices of poems and prayers used in the weekly meditation sessions organised by Juliette Gawade below.

Please feel free to offer other suggestions for content to Fr Jonathan.


Week of Prayer for Christian Unity 2023. A Daily Meditation

Weekly Meditation Session
by Juliette Gawade

Dignity through the Arts 2022
Journeying On
by Maria Makepeace

Information on
'How to make your confession'
by Revd David Povall, Curate

Sermon at Manchester Cathedral for the first mass of Fr Steve Hilton

by Revd Canon Jonathan Boardman

Dignity through the Arts 2021
Hopes & Fears
by Maria Makepeace

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