Racial Justice

Caring for God's People

Christian Love

A hymn for Racial Justice Sunday by John Campbell inspired by 1 Corinthians 13.4-7


Christian love is not romantic,
not soft-focussed, twee or sweet,

Christian love’s not ‘likes’, nor dating,
far more real than text or tweet.

Christian love means life-long struggle;

lived-out kindness ev’rywhere.
Christian love must echo Jesus:

selfless, soulful, steeped in prayer.


Christian love respects the other,

seeks to understand, not judge;

takes delight in mutual learning

doesn’t force and doesn’t fudge.

Christian love’s an arduous journey,

finding self by giving all;

serving, sharing, helping, caring;

full response to Jesus’ call.

Christian love cries out for justice

wheresoever it’s denied;
joins the struggle, makes the protest,

stays the course, eyes open wide.

Christian love rejects what’s racist,

sexist, ageist, prejudiced,

turns against each nurtured bias,

learning daily to resist.


Christian love is learned from Jesus,

walks his way and bears his cross;

self-surrenders, like our Saviour;

gains much more than what is lost.

Christian love is so persistent,

it outlasts all other things;
by its hope, its faith, its struggle,

it’s the song all heaven sings!

Outdoor service in
St Paul's churchyard marking

Racial Justice Sunday 2021

Click here to watch the service.



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Racial Justice Action Group

In January 2021 the first meeting of the Racial Justice action group was held. The group meets once every two months to discuss what action needs to be taken to ensure we are an inclusive community.

Please get in touch via the Parish Office if you would like to be involved in this action group.