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Sunday 26 September 2021
11am - 2.30pm

This day is an opportunity for us all to engage with our local community and encourage local action on climate change individually. Collectively the event is also part of the national Great Big Green Week that is taking place from 18th to 26th September.

Around the churchyard there will be
compost workshop,
make-your-own tote bag demonstration and
a clothes mend-and-repair help desk
where you can bring in items that need some attention and
be shown how to fix them

In the Eden Nature Garden you can
go on a tour of the garden,
participate in a seed swap and
Key Stage 2 children can make a flower out of recycled materials at home/school to bring or make on site to enter in a
creative art competition

Especially for kids we will have

a Quiz on plastics, 

a Nature search and

a Big planet collage

Timetable for the day

From 11am Free Tea & Coffee


11:15pm Composting Workshop with Barney Shaw


11:30pm Lambeth Community Solar

Chloe & Eva from Lambeth's first solar energy cooperative will give us energy saving tips. The LCS is a borough-wide initiative to install community owned solar panels on schools and other buildings across Lambeth.


11:45pm ‘Riches of the Earth’ by Lily Corbett Gale

Lily, a local artist, will give a talk on 'Riches of the Earth' and a quick demonstration of making pigment from the mineral malachite and introduce the alchemical pigment chart, a journey of colour from lead to gold.


12 noon Bar opens behind church


12:15pm London Beekeepers’ Association

Richard Glassborow from LBKA will speak about 'The London Bee Situation'. The LBKA represents the interests of beekeepers and urban beekeeping in the central London and has maintained hives in the Eden Nature Garden for many years.


1pm Bring & Share Lunch buffet opens behind the church


1.30pm Key Stage 2 recycled art competition closes; prizes given at 2pm


1:45pm Lambeth Friends of the Earth

Volunteers Anja, Jamie and Gareth from this local action group will be sharing thoughts on volunteering, campainging and climate action. The group aim is to make Lambeth a greener, healthier and better place to live.


All Day
Eden Nature Garden Tours –
     visit garden and ask for Philippa

Tote Bag Demonstration

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