Baptisms / Confirmations / Admissions to Communion

We have many baptisms at St Paul’s and we take a lot of care in making them special for the children and families concerned. Each baptism is a celebration of the joy that our children give us, the recognition that they are part of God’s family with us and the profound experience of gratitude to God for their presence in our lives.


Baptisms take place in the Sunday morning service, usually once a month. If you are interested in baptism for you or your child, then please contact the Vicar. Those wishing to be baptised at St. Paul’s should either live in the parish or be regular members of the congregation. You will be invited to meet with the Vicar to discuss your faith and commitment to the Christian faith before baptism is arranged.

Confirmation and Admission to Communion

Children who regularly attend church when they reach the age of 7 can attend a course of instruction on Holy Communion. There will then be a special service on a Sunday morning for them to receive their first Communion.

The Confirmation service gives the opportunity for adults and young people to become full members of the Church of England. In the service each candidate “confirms” for him/herself the promises that were made on their behalf at their baptism (though sometimes baptism forms part of the Confirmation service as well). In the service each candidate declares their faith and vows to turn from evil and follow Christ.

Each year there is a Confirmation service in one of the churches in the Deanery. St. Paul’s prepares adults and children from the age of 11 for confirmation. Please speak to the Vicar if you are interested in confirmation.


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